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[TB3] TurtleBot3 with Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
TurtleBot3 release come just next month.
Are you curious about the LDS on the TurtleBot3?

LDS can be rotated 360 degrees.
It is a key part in create slam and navigation. even create 3D map!!!
And less than half the price of a lidar sold on the market. But the functions are almost the same.

You can see it soon. :smiley:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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This is the cheapest 360 degrees LiDAR in the world I know. :smile:
For more information; Please see the detailed spec on TurtleBot3 wiki.

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The design reminds me of the RP-LIDAR (

Can you comment on expected uptime? E.g., if I begin to operate the sensor and do not stop, how long before the device may need to be rebooted?

I am motivated to ask because I noticed recently that after approximately 3 days of continuous operation of an RP-LIDAR that I have, the motor stopped and would not return to operation until after I cycled power. I plan to conduct a more thorough study of product lifetime and durability of the RP-LIDAR.


@Pyo, do you have any information on the cost?

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I think it is hard to expect long operation life in low-cost LiDAR.
I will ask the engineer about the expected time for the operation time. :slight_smile:


After the launch of TurtleBot 3, the products for each accessory are going to start selling in June.
The price is still undecided, but we think it is under $150. :slight_smile:


@Pyo did you get any data about expected lifetime under continuous operation?

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The following attachments include the contents like basic performance, measurement performance, mechanism layout, optical path, data information, pin description, command. But, I can’t find information about the lifetime from the manufacturer.


Ask you engineers what is the mean time between failures (MTBF) data they should have and hopefully share.