FYI 10+ Low-cost LiDAR/LDS interfaced to ROS2/micro-ROS/Arduino

FYI, we’ve connected 10+ low-end/low-cost LDS to ROS2 (via micro-ROS/Arduino) with a few more in the queue. All code is open source. Here are some LDS photos. I hope someone finds this useful.

FYI, in our ROS2/micro-ROS/Arduino home robot (it somewhat resembles a low-cost version of Turtlebot3), the LDS connects over a serial port to a robot MCU running micro-ROS for Arduino. micro-ROS then forwards raw LDS data to ROS2, where the raw data converts to proper /scan messages. Here architecture slides with technical details.

The source code:

We plan to evaluate those LDS at a later time and share the evaluation results.


Nice I’ll see if this can be incorporated into GitHub - hippo5329/linorobot2_hardware: A fork of the linorobot/linorobot2_hardware project which builds firmware for esp32 to control mobile robots based on micro-ROS with various sensors support.

That codebase supports a couple of Lidar with ESP32>Wifi transport, but it would be nice to support the range that you offer.

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Nice. I have a similar work on ldlidar ld06/ld19/stl27l. I use udp to forward the raw data to ros2 server.
hippo5329/ldlidar_stl_ros2 (the server)
hippo5329/linorobot2_hardware (the micro-ros)

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Please let me add something. HLS-LFCD2 was used in Turtlebot3 previous type (~2022) ,the name LDS-01.

Update - I’ve set up an Awesome 2D LiDARs list on GitHub.

I have been adding everything I know about 2D (low-cost single-ray) LiDARs, including links to

  • specs
  • datasheets (when available)
  • SDK (including ROS, ROS2, Arduino)
  • protocol descriptions
  • code samples
  • evaluation/performance reports
  • wiring diagrams
  • high-resolution photos (for identification purposes)
  • proof-of-operation videos

I hope this is helpful.