[TB4] Solved: Topic List But Not Echo

I just solved this “topic list works, topic echo does not” for my Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop ROS2 Galactic environment.

I am running

  • ROS2 Galactic, over
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop as a
  • virtual machine in VMware Fusion 12.2.4 on a
  • Mac Mini 2018 running
    • macOS Monterey 12.6.1

using CYCLONE DDS to:

  • TurtleBot4lite RaspberryPi4 and
  • Create3

When I have the virtual machine network adapter configured to

  • “Bridged Adapter: WiFi” (with advanced option: Generated MAC ID)

I can list topics from nodes running on both of the ROS2 platforms,
but only echo topics published from nodes running on the Turtlebot4lite’s RaspberryPi4.
Topics published by the Create3 do not echo.

[SOLUTION in my case] When I changed the virtual machine network adapter to

  • “Bridged Adapter: Ethernet” (with advanced option: Generated MAC ID same as Generated WiFI MAC ID),

Magic happens! Topics both list and echo.