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Teleop_tools problematic release atm

The teleop_tools packages were recently released to Dashing. While trying out the release in ros-testing we realized that the install rules of joy_teleop and key_teleop were wrong and possibly problematic as these 2 packages installation are conflicting, also conflicting with gazebo_ros (possibly others?). While we are working on fixing it and preparing a new release, we’d like to let the release manager know that these packages should not by sync with the main Dashing release.

The packages are the following, version 1.0.0,

  • mouse_teleop
  • key_teleop
  • joy_teleop
  • teleop_tools_msgs
  • teleop_tools

@nuclearsandwich, @tfoote, @bmagyar

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Thanks for the head’s up. I see the issue ticketed upstream as

The next Dashing sync is planned for a week from today: 2019-09-24 if the issue can be resolved before the end of this week we should have no trouble getting it into the sync.