TF2 web republisher in ROS 2

Hello community,
I hope everyone is good. In the last couple of years we were working on making a platform for teaching robotics remotely using ROS. We were using the RWT tools but the main problem was the internet speed of our country. Living in a country where Internet and network speed are still being issues can not allow us to use high bandwidth consuming tools for robot teleoperation. We worked on reducing tf2 web publisher, the initial version are shared in optimal_ros_lib_3d and py_tf2_web those tools reduce over 80% of bandwidth consumption than the tf2_web_republisher package, which is suitable for our condition.
I was thinking if the idea of making an optimal tf web publisher for ROS2 can be considered useful, especially for countries where Internet speed is problematic.
Thank you very much!


I am reaching out to see if you implemented an optimal tf web republisher for ROS2 as that would be uniquely useful for my current project.

Did you go through with this project?

Hi, I have improved the tf2_web_republisher_py implementation of Andrew Schoen and tested it with ROSLIB and ROS3D. There is still a lot of room for improvements, but it is working.
Here is the repo: GitHub - tuxnese/tf2_web_republisher_py: TF2 Web Republisher for ROS2