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GSOD 2021: ROS2 tutorials on tf2 and ros2 launch

Hello everyone!

My name is Shyngyskhan, a graduating bachelor’s student in Robotics and Mechatronics at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, and I am happy to announce that I am going to participate in the Google Summer of Docs program with Open Robotics this year.

For the following six months, I will be writing intermediate tutorials on tf2 and ros2 launch as there appears a need in them (example) and as these are (I believe) essential components of robot development on early stages. Therefore, I aim to close this gap and help developers to learn concepts on transformations and launch files by doing in an easy and interactive way.

As a reference, I aim to focus on resolving following two issues and follow the same structure for tutorials:

However, I am open to any ideas and if you believe that it is worth to cover something else, please feel free to post it in comments below :point_down:


Congratulations! I just started migrating my master’s project from ros1 to ros2, I’ll be watching out for these.


Really great!! In ros2 tf2 it is important to works the concept of Odom and map frames.
About ros launch, I think the documentation should be arranged and some patterns, because the projects make different and learn is so difficult. For launch maybe can be interesting to review this package

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This is really good, mainly have good documentation about ROS 2 launch that can show simple and even more complex possibilities that are now available once we have the code in Python. Show the possibilities with Python but also, using XML I think is also good because can help to learn making some comparisons with ROS “1” that already have a lot of material.


Hi, great initative! One thing I struggled with python launchs is using xacro, it would be great to have a section about urdf and xacro, how to use it with parameters in the launch file or from an external yaml file. Thanks!