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Journals for ROS contribution

Hello everyone!
during this year I was working on optimizing the bandwidth consumption during a web-based remote manipulation in ROS with tf2_web_republisher. The internet connection is limited here in Algeria and we couldn’t perform a smooth remote manipulation on a robot, so the idea was to reduce the amount of TF sent from the manipulation server (remote site) to web client. I was able o reduce over 70% of bandwidth consumption with the same effective result as by tf2_web_republisher. I experimented my algorithm on pioneer mobile robot P3-DX and on the 07Dof robot arm Cyton_gamma_300. Now I intend to publish my results on an international review, the problem is I can not find a journal that accepts these kind of work for reviews, it’s either: “there’s no reviewer for ROS development” or “my work is not a general contribution in robotics” or “a contribution on an open source tool is not useful”! I would like to find an internation jounral indexed on scopus (or ISI thomson) which is not Open access and has more than five years, I know this is nonsense, but these are the criteria of my faculty. Can anyone help me please. I’ll be grateful to all of you, thank you in advance!

I’d first suggest you make them clarify the reason for avoiding open access.

I suspect it is to keep costs low but probably they are not aware of the many free open access journals out there.

According to the director of Post-graduation service, some OA journals may accept any work and any paper just to gain money from OA fee… which is ridiculous, because there are thousands of prestigious reviews which offer open access service!!! :tired_face:

If an IEEE conference would be enough, you can try IROS.

Thank you for your reply but I’m afraid that it has to be a publication

Would you advice me some free open access revues on ROS? Thank you