The new NASA-JPL Open-Source Mars Rover is here

It’s been over 5 years since the first Open-Source Rover (OSR) roamed around and it was time for a major upgrade. This new version is cheaper by half, 3x easier to build, more capable (with in-place rotation), more robust (ingress protection), and runs ROS 2. It’s perfectly suited for rugged or loose terrain and the clear and extensive build instructions make it an ideal project for first-time builders and outdoor robotics researchers alike. Unlike other rovers, everything is off-the-shelf and no machining is required.

Check out the Hackaday front page post for a video of it in action and build one yourself on


Does anyone know which wheels are used in the picture? The parts list referenced inn the github page poinnt out to different wheels. The wheels used in the above picture looks 3d printed with some suspension layer, and I would like to know where I can source them, or print them.
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I see similar wheels at Aliexpress. I have some from Ali, 150mm Diameter but a different profile which are made for 1:8 offroad buggys. If a rower isn’t to heavy it schould work

But your question brings up an additional to me : Did someone print tires from TPU ?

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I’ve seen folks 3D print robot wheels by printing ABS, Nylon, or even PLA as a hub and then TPU as a tire. Seemed to work pretty effectively. For smaller wheels, I’ve had good luck 3D printing a hub and stretching an o-ring over it (or stretching several in parallel to each other).

@altineller they’re made by GoBilda but unfortunately not released just yet - I’m hoping that happens soon and will check with them again. We’ve all been waiting for them. Once they’re there, it’s a drop in replacement. Finding wheels that size has been challenging. Most RC car wheels are either too small or too expensive. 1:8 and 1:5 won’t cut it.

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Which diameter are the wheels you used ?

They’re 19cm diameter. I found large wheels especially hard to source for a decent price and with a good profile for rough terrain. Plus we really focused on reducing the number of part providers to ease the ordering process.

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I do it, I use a printer
3 D Raise 3D Pro, wire TPU 1,75 mm
Outside diameter of wheels 150 mm


Can anyone point me to the ROS2 code please?

Per the GitHub repo: GitHub - nasa-jpl/osr-rover-code: Code that runs on the Open Source Rover

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