The ROS Inside! logo to promote ROS products

At The Construct we want to show to the world how proud we are using ROS for our robotics products, how ROS is a robot quality indicator, how much the world of service robots belongs to ROS.

For that purpose, we have launched the ROS Inside! logo.

This is a Creative Commons logo we provide to the whole ROS community. It is aimed to be featured in any robot or robotic product that uses ROS as a quality indicator (in the same sense as computers display the logo of the graphics card, or CPU or else).

Since the logo license is Creative Commons, you can use the logo at will. Put it in your robots. Sell merchandising, put it on a t-shirt… whatever you want. Just spread the word that ROS is the framework that runs on the best robotics products of the world!

Check all the details of ROS Inside! and get the logo files on the ROS Inside webpage


I love this. I might have to go get some stickers printed up for ROSCon.


I’ll have to stop by your booth Kat to get some of those stickers.
And then, I’ll look into buying robots to put them on.

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We definitely will bring a lot of those stickers to ROSCon !


Good idea. Why is the ROS 9-dot part distorted, however? Shouldn’t it be used as is in the ROS logo?

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To make it more artistic and dynamic together with the exclamation mark and the not-a-circle shape. The intention of this logo was not to make a ROS logo, that already exists and is the official one. This logo is just an artistic text indicating that the product uses ROS.


Love this. Would love to be able to get some stickers but sadly, we won’t be at ROSCon this year.


I am pretty sure this is a clear trademark infringement…

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is there a version that says ROS 2 inside? (a big bright red “2”) :wink:

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While both the phrase and icon for “Intel Inside” is trademarked, I don’t think this is trademark infringment: my understanding is that the key factor in it being ‘infringement’ is if there’s a chance that the consumer may mistake one brand for the other. There’s really no chance of that happening here, since the text relevant to the brand has been changed. Other brands have also done these sorts of things and been OK (the Free Software Foundation sells ‘GNU Inside’ stickers for example). So folks should be OK.


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