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ROS World Sponsors & T-Shirts!

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that we have the first batch of 2020 ROS World Sponsors! We had an overwhelming and generous outpouring from the ROS community to sponsor ROS World. The support of our sponsors makes it possible for us to have a completely free event for the entire ROS community. There is still time to become a ROS World sponsor and you can find more details on the ROS World website or simply send a quick email to

Open Robotics would like to sincerely thank the following organizations for their generous support of our 2020 ROS World Event

Platinum ROS World Sponsors

Gold ROS World Sponsors

Silver ROS World Sponsors

Friends of the ROS World


We’re also happy to announce that the ROS World T-Shirt sale is live. I think we have a really great design this year. You can purchase this year’s shirt on T-Spring. Be aware that when you register for ROS World, which is free, your receipt e-mail includes a discount code so you’ll want to register before purchasing a shirt. If you’ve already registered you should get an update shortly. Please also consider putting together a video for our ROS World lightning talks. The event is what we make, so the more videos we get the more community content will be available.

ROS World Men’s Fit T-Shirt

ROS World Women’s Fit T-Shirt

Stay tuned! We should have the final schedule post in the next week!


Loves the T-shirt artwork! Turtlebot? Dual-arm?? That’s new! Also I initially thought the globe at the center was an automated air baloon.

If possible,

  • it’d be great to see v-neck option same as my routine request ROS Noetic and Foxy Tshirts Available!
  • Kids size? There’s XS but seems disabled on teespring.
    • My family no longer wants me to get t-shirt (just donated a box full of t-shirt…), but kids t-shirts are exempted apparently.