[Training] Mastering Robot Fleet Management with Open-RMF


Mastering Robot Fleet Management with Open-RMF

Learn how to Manage Robot Fleets in Real-World Scenarios

Location : Online Training (ZOOM Virtual Class + Practice with Remote Real Robots)
Dates : May 24, 2023 β†’ May 26, 2023
URL : https://bit.ly/3NkWJe6

With this 3-day Mastering Robot Fleet Management with Open-RMF intensive training, you will be able to:

  • Manage different fleets of robots
  • Assign tasks to the robot best suited for the job based on criteria like the type of robot, the time spent doing that task, or battery level.
  • Integrate already existing robot systems through API calls and ROS2 topics.
  • Integrate non-robot systems like doors, lifts, and humans.

What You Will Learn

  • RMF basic structure
  • How to use simulated tools for RMF
  • How to create your own RMF adapter for your own robot
  • How to integrate external systems such as doors, lifts, robot arms, workstations
  • How to integrate Human Robot Interaction in RMF
  • How to manage multiple fleets
  • How to create your own custom actions
  • How to create a docking system
  • How to integrate RMF into a web environment
  • How to make your robots deliver goods with RMF
  • Apply RMF in a real robot scenario – Starbots Cafeteria
  • Generate RMF maps based on architectural drawings or images with multi-floor support

Training Highlights

  • Expert instruction from industry professionals
  • Hands-on experience with real robots
  • Exercises with simulated robots, working along with the instructors
  • Practice in an actual robot fleet application scenario – Starbots Coffee

The Construct RMF Lab

This training program features a hands-on learning project in which students will engage in a real-world robot fleet application scenario called Starbots Coffee, a smart cafeteria operated by multiple robots. Throughout the training, participants will have the opportunity to remotely connect and control a fleet of robots using RMF.

For any questions, please contact The Construct at info@theconstructsim.com.

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For this training, we will add the following new content:

MultiFleet with Custom Adapter

You will learn how to:

  • Start two different robot fleets using custom adapters.
  • Set up a cleaning robot to follow a designated path, while we activate the needed systems to clean, seeing an application of a custom task activation.
  • Use displacement in maps to be able to cope with differences between the RMF coordinates and the real/simulated environment.


You will learn the code needed to make a robot of your fleet dock into a charging station.

Here you can view the complete Training Curriculum at: https://www.theconstructsim.com/robot-fleet-management-ros2-open-rmf-training/

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Today is the last day to register for the highly anticipated β€œMastering Robot Fleet Management with Open-RMF” online training!

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