Turtlebot3/openCR - UART 20010WS-04000 pitch connector

All - guess a stupid question from a newbie, but struggling to find an answer online: I am looking for the plug/housing to connect to the 2 UARTs connectors ( 20010WS-04000) … jump wires are not a solution…therefore, ideas which plug/housing (uncertain about the right English term here) fits into the 20010WS-04000 pitch connector?
Tnx in advance - best

Can you post a picture of the connector you are talking about?


BIG Thank you

I don’t have my TB3 in front of me but I think that is a JST-PH 4pin connector, but don’t quote me on that.

The OpenCR is in theory open hardware. You should take a look at the bill of materials. This is a good place to start. I took a look myself and the listed BoM is garbage (doesn’t list a vendor and additional info). You may want to e-mail Robotis and ask them. This may also help.


Tnx a lot for your support and guidance!

Best ml