Upcoming freeze for Jazzy in preparation for release

Hello everyone!

As we approach Jazzy release day we are proceeding to freeze all jazzy branches on all ROS 2 base packages. We are also pausing the merge of any PRs into rosdistro that target jazzy/distribution.yaml. Kind request to all base package maintainers to enforce the freeze after today by no longer merging any changes into jazzy until further notice.

Once the release is announced, we will unfreeze jazzy so that PRs can be merged in once again. Stay tuned for that announcement on Discourse.

You may find more information on the Jazzy Jalisco release timeline here: ROS 2 Jazzy Jalisco (codename ‘jazzy’; May, 2024) .

Note: We will continue to merge PRs that target other distros.

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I understand that we should not merge any PRs into the jazzy branch of any ros_base packages/repos. However, the Release Timeline entry for May 20, 2024 only mentions freezing rosdistro Jazzy PRs. Should it also mention freeze jazzy branches of ros_base package repos?

@christophebedard you’re right documentation has been updated: Jazzy Jalisco (jazzy) — ROS 2 Documentation: Jazzy documentation


Now that jazzy has been released :turtle: :partying_face: :open_hands: the freeze has ended maintainers can proceed to merge changes to jazzy branches and rosdistro PRs targeting jazzy/distribution.yaml.

Thanks for your patience during the freeze period.

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