Upcoming Feature Freeze for ROS 2 Jazzy Jalisco on 15th April 2024

Hello everyone!

On 2024-04-15T07:00:00Z, Monday, we will freeze all the ROS 2 base packages for the upcoming Jazzy release on May 23rd.

Once this freeze goes into effect, we will no longer accept additional features to packages in the ROS 2 Base packages, which includes rcl, rclcpp, rclpy, rosbag2, ros2cli, and geometry2. You can see the entire list of included packages here: REP 2001 – ROS 2 Variants (ROS.org) . Keep in mind the ROS Base packages includes all of the ROS Core packages .

Bug fixes will still be accepted after the freeze date.

You may find more information on the Jazzy Jalisco release timeline here: ROS 2 Jazzy Jalisco (codename ‘jazzy’; May, 2024) .

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That would mean people are actually reviewing and merging stuff in the weekends?
Well, than I’m going to be bold and see who’s available for a review: Allow action servers without execute callback by Timple · Pull Request #1219 · ros2/rclpy · GitHub :sunglasses:

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