Update Noetic migration guide: Increase CMake version to 3.7.2?

Hi, going through the Noetic migration guide, there is a suggestion to increase minimum required CMake version to 3.0.2. However, according to REP 3, the minimum CMake version supported by Melodic and Noetic is 3.7.2 (from Stretch) - or 3.10.2 if taking into account only non-EOL distros.

Should I go ahead and rewrite to migration guide to suggest 3.7.2 (or 3.10.2)? Or is there any other risk by this change I’m not aware of? I know that changing the minimum required version might affect the defaults of some CMake tunables, however, I’m not sure which ones could actually have some adverse effects. Also, it is a migration guide, so the devs definitely still need to test that their package is working as intended after the migration, so even such breaking changes could be ok.