Update RCM (ROS Command Manager) to V1.3.6

Update RCM (ROS Command Manager) to V1.3.6

RCM is an open source code deployment tool, which can facilitate the installation of ROS1, ROS2, and deploy complex source code. We have integrated more than 100+ scripts.

I have been using ros for more than 5 years. I have experienced countless reinstallation of the system and ros, different versions, different hardware, and a lot of time-wasting repetitive work. Use a script. I put it all together using the same command to call. Sharing these scripts, I hope it will be easier for everyone to quickly deploy ros-related code.

Install RCM:

curl https://www.ncnynl.com/rcm.sh | bash -

how to use:

  1. List all scripts

cs -s

  1. Search script:

cs -s keywords=(ros1, ros2, rosdep, and so on)

  1. Install ROS2

cs -s install_ros2_now

  1. Install ROS1

cs -s install_ros1_noetic

  1. Update rosdep(for China)

cs -s update_rosdep_tsinghua

  1. Install ros1 version of turtlebot3

cs -s install_tb3_noetic_apt

  1. Install ros2 version of turtlebot3

cs -s install_tb3_humble_apt

  1. Install turtlebot4

cs -s install_tb4_galactic_apt

You can view all command list source code:

  1. gitee address

  2. github address

The code is open source, you can write your own script, put it in the corresponding directory, and use the cs command to call it. Easy to integrate and share.