Upgrade RCM to version V2.0.0, this is a big upgrade

What problem does RCM solve? RCM was initially designed to manage installation scripts of various ROS1/ROS2 source codes and startup scripts through the interface. After continuous expansion and improvement, it has now become a bash-based shell script management tool under Ubuntu/Linux.

RCM is a bash-based shell script management tool. After installation, the shell script that meets the definition can be converted into a system command with RCM as the command, script path, and script name as the subcommand. At the same time, it provides a powerful Tab auto-completion function to realize quick search of scripts.

Three modes are provided for running scripts:

Auto-completion mode: rcm (supported by 2.x series and above)

Search mode: rcm -s (supported above 1.x)

Interface mode: rcm-gui or click the RCM (commands) icon (supported by 1.x series or above)

new features

  • Change the running mode and change the search mode to automatic completion mode, similar to the ros2 one-line command style

  • Unified the style, the main command is rcm, the desktop moderator command is rcm-gui

  • Unified script style, making scripts more independent and easier to expand

  • Add more ros2 related scripts

  • Added convenient mechanisms for creating directories and scripts

  • Add ailibot robot simulation development kit

  • Add ailibot2 robot simulation development kit

  • Add ailibot model development package


  • Query script, use tab method to automatically complete subcommands

rcm <tab><tab> <tab><tab>


  • install ros2

rcm ros2 install_ros2_now

  • install ros1

rcm ros1 install_ros1_noetic

  • Update rosdep for mainland China

rcm common update_rosdep_tsinghua

  • install turtlebot3

rcm ros1_tb3 install_tb3_noetic_apt

  • install turtlebot4

rcm ros2_tb4 install_tb4_galactic_apt

  • Create a directory
rcm system create --dir poker --dirdesc "poker script dirctory"


  • Create script
rcm system create --dir poker --script build --scriptdesc "to build rcm"


Easy to Installation:

curl -k https://www.ncnynl.com/rcm.sh | bash -

About the code :

gitee repo

github repo