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Updating the VS Code extension for ROS to 0.6.1

We are excited to introduce another update for the VS Code extension for ROS! In this update, we are fixing the color scheme of the ROS core monitor, configuration of build tasks and the experience of creating debug configurations for the first time (when there is no existing launch.json).

Meantime, we are introducing the launch-debug functionality (you might have seen the ROS: Launch option added in 0.6.0 already) to enable a streamlined debugging experience. The goal is to enable debugging ROS nodes launched from a .launch file just like debugging a single binary.

To get started, create a ros-type debug configuration with a launch request:

Make sure there is a running instance of ROS master:

Launch and debug nodes from a .launch file:


  1. Debugging functionality provided by vscode-ros has dependencies on VS Code’s C++ and Python extensions, and those have dependencies on the version of VS Code. To ensure everything works as expected, please make sure everything is up-to-date.
  2. To debug a C++ executable, please make sure the binary is built with debug symbols .
  3. To use VS Code’s C++ extension with MSVC on Windows, please make sure the VS Code instance is launched from a Visual Studio command prompt.

For feature requests and bug reports, please post in the ms-iot/vscode-ros repository. Let’s keep this project evolving just like ROS itself =)

For more details about this project and ROS on Windows, please check out