Using RotorS's rotors_hil_interface

We have been using RotorS for testing our code on simulation for a while now. After seeing the code runs on RotorS, we used to port it to ArduPilot-SITL’s format (i mean switching up some rosservice calls, subscriber topics and publisher topics), and then run the code via mavros onto the FC

I recently found out that RotorS has this “rotors_hil_interface” package which provides the mavros interface to run the code onto the FC if i m not wrong? Can I just directly use it instead of the roundabout way I do now, I could not find anything in the docs, on how to use it. It would be a great help if anyone could guide me here, or link me to the right docs/tutorial


Would love to help you in the right direction but this leans more towards an support question. Discourse is more for initiating discussions and sharing news/projects.

Could you ask this question on the robotics stackexchange instead?