August 2023 Meetings Aerial Robotics

I hope you all had a nice summer break! Here in Sweden it has been pretty rainy unfortunately… but good news is the Aerial ROS meetings will be starting again :smile:

Meeting link
Also see the community calendar

We will be talking about Message Standards for UAVs as voted with the last meeting. I’ve started a discussion thread about this here so we can look at the current state, so if you would share your thoughts on that, that would help greatly :innocent:

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Hi I am an engineering student from Turkey. I want to learn and improve my self in this area but I am just a beginner and dont have much knowlage or the experience. I started my journey with making an SITL simulation with using Px4 firmware JMAVsim and Qgroundcountrol. I wanna learn more while continue this journy and join your group. I will be attanding to meeting in August 16 to meet the group and learn.

Hi! You are more than welcome, but I hope the developer meeting discussions won’t be too high level if you are a beginner. We had a meeting about tutorials and education a while ago, and we added a list to the aerial robotic landscape about different courses to follow. I’ve written a more comprehensive blogpost about it as well (yet to be converted to the landscape).

Anyway, if you happen to have an questions about how to get started with PX4 I also recommend the PX4 community Q&A that is right after the ROS-aerial meeting: Dronecode Calendar — Dronecode Foundation

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Im so happy for your welcome. I will look at the tutorials thank you for sharing. As a part od the group how can ı participate in the reserch as beginner. I want to take task and be a part of the group as much as possible.Is there any small tasks or reserches that you could give me too.

Here are the recordings of yesterdays meeting!

Here are the accomendating documents:
snn-qapb-obz (2023-08-16 16_05 GMT+2).pdf (33.4 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-08-16 16_05 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (170.0 KB)
Aerial Robotics WG Meeting August 2023 - Meeting #1.pdf (184.9 KB)

Our next meeting is planned for the 30th of August and we still have an opening for anyone present their work in aerial robotics! Send me DM before Tuesday 22th.

Thanks for the recording. Here’s my thoughts:

  • Motivations
    • Yes, I agree with Tully; having the same messages for a mixed fleet of ground and aerial vehicles is highly desireable for mixed fleet work.
  • What is an example of a minimum set of messages?
    • The GSoC project I am doing does a few basic things that could be a start
      • Localization data from Cartographer - Using vision or LiDAR based localization on the ROS computer that’s not possible on the embedded system is very common for GPS denied operation
      • Position, velocity, and acceleration reporting from the autopilot to the ROS computer. We already have merged this in ArduPilot for both ground and aerial vehicles.
      • Velocity control from a navigation stack like NAV2 - yes, there are update rate problems doing low level control with out-of-the box Ubuntu systems like a Pi running Ubuntu 22.04, however there are plenty of platforms that can run ROS 2 in realtime. I’m currently working with Steve on this: Switch from Twist to TwistStamped for cmd_vel · Issue #1594 · ros-planning/navigation2 · GitHub
      • Agree with Jaeyoung - It would be great to define an alternative to trajectory control for how a high level planner controls the drone, but I don’t know if there’s any that are already adopted
  • Starting from scratch or re-using REP-147?
    • I’m happy to just revise REP-147. I think a lot of really great info and context with respect to MavLink is there, and since MavLink is still used, it’s relevant. That said, some of the information is incorrect. ArduPilot’s controls are done in the inertial frame, not body frame, so it makes sense to allow ROS users to do control in the inertial frame or body frame depending on what they set for the frame ID. If the autopilot supports a ROS interface for both, the computation to the desired control frame can happen in the autopilot at real-time, and it’s just a transform, so I don’t see there being concerns. The ROS computer can then just control in whatever frame their controller prefers to operate in.


Meeting link
Also see the community calendar (add calender to yours on the bottom right)

So we don’t have an external speaker for now due to little time, so I’ll actually be giving an presentation about an education and tutorial current state overview! We actually had a discussion meeting about education and tutorials here some in May and after that I’ve done some research and gotten some great replies!

Also take a look at this discourse thread:

(ps @RFRIEDM thanks for the reply! don’t forget to also take a look at this thread too for further discussions about message standards)

Here is the recording of yesterdays meeting + slides chat and transcripts

Aerial Robotics WG Meeting August 2023 - Meeting #2.pdf (2.0 MB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-08-30 16_05 GMT+2) - Transcript.pdf (160.7 KB)
snn-qapb-obz (2023-08-30 16_05 GMT+2)-chat.pdf (35.0 KB)

We also had an poll on the topic for next time:

Answer Count
Non-autonomy packages for UAVs 1
Aerial Robotics simulation 4
Safety & Management systems 1
Legality and airspace access 0
Hardware, Components and Dev kits 3
Planning in 3D 2
Anything else? mention in the chat… 0

So next time we will have a discussion meeting about simulation! The next meeting is planned for the 13th of September so I’ll start a new thread for that.

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