USV for ros2-foxy and ign gazebo

Are there any worlds available for running USVs in ros2 foxy and ignition gazebo ?
We didnt use VRX as it is using ROS-melodic and Gazebo Classic. Looks like VRX still doesn’t support ROS2-Foxy & Ignition Gazebo.

But we met with little success so far in simulating it as boat is moving zig-zag manner, sinks and bounces off intermeittently. Our purpose here is to understand how simulation works for a USV & then later build use-case on real rudder boat.

Hi @anilbhatt1 - the VRX port to ignition gazebo / ROS2 has begun, but there’s still a lot of work to go. You might want to check out the MBZIRC environment: Home · osrf/mbzirc Wiki · GitHub


Thx @j-herman …MBZIRC works on ROS2-Galactic and Ignition Fortress. So switched from foxy to galactic and simulation looks good !