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Vision_msgs now available in ROS Kinetic, Lunar, Melodic, and ROS2

Hello ROS users,

The vision_msgs package is now released for ROS Kinetic, Lunar, and Melodic. We also plan to have a ROS2 release ready for the next sync.

We’ve noticed a lot of computer vision-related packages being built lately, and wanted to be sure that people knew about this package. We would like to standardize messages across different vision pipelines, including both new packages, and backwards-compatible upgrades to existing systems. If you’re building or maintaining a vision package and are interested in integration, please reach out and let’s make this happen!


+1 for more commonly usable packages!

I thought it’d be better to have this clarified; looking at wiki page of vision_msgs, there used to be a package with the same name but released from another repo. Looking at the msg definitions of that package and yours, these look 2 different packages, although I’m not entirely sure.

Hi Issac, yes, this is a wholly different package from ias_common that happens to share the same name. We will try to make the wiki page clearer. Thanks for pointing that out!

If you have a few spare minutes, it would be great to release it into Melodic as well. It looks to me like all of the dependencies should be there already. Thanks!

The package is already released in melodic:

I forgot that I had already released it for Melodic. Oops! Updated the post and title.

Oops, I probably should have checked. Anyway, thanks!

The ROS2 version of this package is ready and should be available after the next sync. Enjoy!