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VS Code extension CodeTour

Hi all,
I found this Visual Studio Code extension called CodeTour that allows you to record and playback a tour around code which can come very handy for tutorials, introducing new contributors into projects or even to keep some useful pointers for our future-selves.

One really cool feature is that it not only allows adding text into lines of code but also commands executed in the terminal, so it can show live steps like compilation or launching, and link that directly to the lines of code that perform that.

I hope you find it useful!


Do you know if this could support touring sessions across multiple git repositories? Examples I’ve seen usually are confined to the same repo they are collected. I was thinking it might be handy to have lite overarching tour through the entire ROS2 stack for new contributors; something a little more grounded than necessarily the design documents.

I am not 100% sure but I have been doing a test with a ROS workspace with 3 different repositories and the .tour folder is placed in the same level as the .vscode folder, and it works fine, only that I have kept tour locally for now.
For what this part of the documentation says I think you could do that using the default versioning, if when editing or playing the tour you have all the files available I don’t see why not.