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Welcome new MoveIt maintainers

In the past few months we’ve beefed up the team keeping the MoveIt project alive and well. MoveIt Maintainers are the people with commit / write access to all moveit code repos on ros-planning.


  • Joachim Schleicher (Pilz), who co-authored the pilz_industrial_motion controllers for MoveIt that were recently merged into the core MoveIt libraries.
  • Felix von Drigalski (OMRON), who has been helping mentor GSoC students, grow the community, and add major new features like subframes.
  • Michael Ferguson, who had been on a hiatus from MoveIt but is rocking on MoveIt 2 now!
  • Andy Zelenak (PickNik), a Senior Controls Engineer who wrote MoveIt Servo (originally Jog Arm)
  • Jafar Abdi (PickNik), who has been instrumental in porting MoveIt to MoveIt 2

We want you to get involved with MoveIt! Our community is active on Discord, Discourse (here), and Github of course. Start making contributions and become an official Core Contributor to the project.



Just came across this video and had to share it here. Thank you maintainers!

Very entertaining. Getting a release cut is indeed quite the balancing act of concerns for the team!