Migration of MoveIt projects to a dedicated GitHub org

Hi everyone,

During the migration of the ROS project’s governance to the Open Source Robotics Alliance (OSRA), there will be some reorganization of projects previously hosted under the ROS GitHub organizations and the ros.org website. This is part of an effort to clarify who is the primary maintainer of each project, and which packages are “part of ROS” (and thereby maintained by the OSRF) versus those that are packages built on ROS that have their own pre-existing governance outside of the OSRF/OSRA.

The MoveIt project, maintained by PickNik Robotics and many great independent contributors, will be migrating from github.com/ros-planning to the github.com/moveit organization. The moveit.ros.org website will also move to moveit.ai. No changes to the development and maintenance of the project are planned.

As members of the OSRA ourselves, and as maintainers of the MoveIt project, we at PickNik want to assure you that this change is purely organizational - we remain committed to running MoveIt as an open source project and a pillar of the ROS ecosystem for robotic manipulation.

If you have any questions about this OSRA initiative, please check out @gbiggs’s post in the general Discourse. As I mentioned there, please let @henning_kayser or I know if your MoveIt maintainer permissions were erroneously impacted by this migration.

Happy coding,

Ezra Brooks
Technical Lead, PickNik Robotics