ZettaScale News


Today, extremely important announcement for ZettaScale, Cyclone DDS and Zenoh was released, and I thought it made sense to share with all of you.

We have just announced that TTTech Auto and ZettaScale Technology join forces:

  • A joint software solution will enable flexible and safe application development for software-defined vehicles
  • Both companies will deliver the first European implementation of a Data Distribution Service (OMG DDS) that is safety-certified for use in series cars
  • The joint product, MotionWise Cyclone DDS, will ensure safe and quality-guaranteed communication in real-time within the entire vehicle
  • MotionWise Cyclone DDS expands the vehicle software platform MotionWise’s communication capabilities with flexible and service-oriented communication, while retaining overall system safety properties for the entire vehicle
  • Both companies aim to expand the capabilities of software-defined vehicles by improving V2X communication and bringing edge computing support through the cutting-edge communication protocol Zenoh

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.