Zenoh / ROS1 Bridge Released and more


I wanted to let the ROS community know that we have just released the ROS1 plugin for Zenoh. This provides optimised mapping over Zenoh, e.g. mapping actions on Zenoh’s queryables, and beside allowing you to do R2X over any network, it opens the door of interworking with ROS2 via the Zenoh DDS plugin (more on this later).

As I am talking about the DDS plugin, it is worth knowing that this now supports zero copy optimisation. Thus on the same robot when using Cyclone DDS, the data is transferred zero-copy to Zenoh – cool, isn’t it?

Have a try and let us know what you think.

– kydos

P.S. A a footnote for the ROS RUST community, we have noticed that the RUST binding to ROS requires some performance optimisation. We’ll be rolling those out next, but if somebody wants to help we can explain what we think should be done to make the binding high-performance.


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