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2021 Internships at PickNik Robotics

PickNik Robotics is looking for 2021 interns!

As a Robotics Intern at PickNik Robotics you’ll be helping develop software applications and integrating solutions for our clients, internal products, and flagship open source projects. Your duties will include contributing to open source robotics software that will be used on robots around the world (and in outer space!). You will use C++ and Python for coding, provide documentation and tutorials, and create a blog post to highlight your accomplishment. At the end of your internship you will have made a substantial contribution to one of the open source packages that PickNik relies on such as MoveIt.

Apply here:


Hello there,

The internship looks interesting. Working remotely is possible?

Yes. Due to COVID, this will be a remote internship.


When is the deadline for the application?

Whenever we find the right candidate(s). We have started interviews so please apply soon.

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Is the remote internship open to non-US candidates?

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