ACDC4Robot: a new tool for robot description formats

It is an important needs for the community to export robot model for simulation from design.

Tools like fusion2urdf, fusion2pybullet lacks of update and maintenance. Otherwise, the format URDF (Unified Robot Description Format) itself has a lot limitations and the specifications has stopped development.

After the birth of URDF, several things has changed. Some new simulators such as MuJoCo, Nvidia Isaac come out and learning method becomes important for robotics. A new tool to satisfy these new situations becomes necessary.

So, we are excited to announce a new tool here that can export robot description formats including URDF, SDF (Simulation Description Format), and MJCF from Autodesk Fusion design directly: ACDC4Robot. It is an open sourced add-in and provides a robot design model library to trigger you simulation process more easier.

Hope you can enjoy it.

Also, if you are interesting about robot description format and ACDC4Robot, or you have suggestions about ACDC4Robot, it is very pleasure to invite you to fill out a survey so that can help us to understand the needs in the community.

Here is the survey link.