Action Introspection & Rosbag2 Action Record/Replay Support

Hi ROS community,

we would like to open discussion and feedback for Action Introspection & Rosbag2 Action Record/Replay Support ROS Enhancement Proposal below.

Jazzy Jalisco support service recording and playback based on Service Introspection, now we are planning to extend the design for ros2 bag record/play <action>.

There are 2 primary motivation for this proposal.

  • To make it easier for users to externally validate that actions are operating as expected.
  • To enhance rosbag2 debug capability to record, display and play action messages and services.

Drawing an analogy to ROS topics and services, there exist tools and libraries for “echoing” and recording messages sent over a topic, and this REP proposes the same kind of capabilities for actions.

Specifically, the capability to introspect action topic messages and service requests/responses that are sent to and from action servers and clients.
Being able to remotely monitor actions allows users to more effectively troubleshoot issues in a ROS system.
For example, users can monitor the action feedback and status, verify requests are being sent and received by an action client and server during runtime.
In addition to introspection, user can record and replay action messages and service requests/responses to validate their content later on.

Please share you thoughts, especially concerns and problems you see!