AI/ML Models & Framework Security Architecture Systems Community Meetings

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ronaldson Bellande. I am a PhD student and the Founder and CEO/CTO of a startup, as well as an executive in research organizations and a laboratory.

I am interested in starting a community group dedicated to AI/ML Model & Framework Security Architecture Systems. One critical issue we face is the lack of sufficient security for models; they are often deployed without adequate safeguards. My focus will be on enhancing security in AI and Machine Learning applications within robotics and related fields. We will address this challenge by testing and refining robust model structures and frameworks I have developed, as well as gathering feedback to ensure they can be accessed individually or separately for optimal protection.

I will also present the importance of this approach, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of various and my architecture systems for models.

I look forward to seeing who is interested in joining the community group. Please feel free to express your interest.


I am interested in starting a community group

In addition to the two, humanoids and mobile AR/VR, you are already running?

My focus



Each community group has its specific focus. In addition to the existing community group dedicated to humanoid robotics and mobile/ar/vr, The primary objective of this group would be to enhance the security of AI and machine learning models and frameworks.

For the people interested in this community group here is the incomplete information

Communication Channels


In the upcoming days, I will have the meeting day in the google calendar. You can share and talk about it to people that might be interested in joining the community group.