Potential Humanoid Robotics Monthly Working Group

Hi Everyone,

I want to introduce myself - my name is Ronaldson Bellande, I’m a PhD Student/Founder CEO/CTO/Director of Research Organizations and a Startup; I’m working on. Can find information more about me in my linkedin and Github Profile

I wanted to create a monthly meeting working group, where we would meet monthly and discuss about humanoid robotics, what everyone is working on? Are looking for and are excited for? Anything Interested you are working in? and more in the space of humanoid robotics.

If there is interest I will start a Working Group, I’m passionate about this subject and other subject related to activities I’m constantly doing.


Dear Ronaldson,

My name is Pasquale Siciliano
Thank you for proposing this kind of Working Group Topics. That was exactly what i was thinking about during the last month. I will be very interested in this topic and will be happy to participate.

Introducing my-self: At the moment, I am employed as a System Engineer. Moreover, I am engaged in a personal project that is focused on UAV (Tiltrotor) and I am looking forward to starting a new large open source project that is focused on a humanoid robot in ROS in the future.

I hope to being part of this project.

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That’s awesome Pasquale, looking forward to having you as part of the working group. Currently my robotics related research organization is working on an open source project for humanoid robotics.

Anyone else that would like to be part of the working group is welcomed to participate if you are interested. Technology that would greatly benefit Humanoid Robotics?


Hi Ronaldson

It is super interesting! Looking forward to taking a look at your project.

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I am super interested. Let’s just do it. How about on zoom?

Going to start the configuration for the Working Group as there is enough people interested, and looking forward for more people to be interested as well.

The Humanoid Robotics WG would be meeting 2 times a month or one times a month depending on if there is a person speaking during the monthly meeting or not. Can take any interested speakers that wants to speak.

The first meeting will be on March 18, 2024 at 6:00 pm EST. I will add it to the google calendar and will be recording the meeting. We can have out meeting in zoom, that’s a great idea. Having more feedback would greatly be appropriated.

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Dear Ronaldson,
Thank you for creating a working group and I am extremely interested to join and learn .
Myself Tunna Baitha and I am currently working as a post of Research Assistant in the field of AV.

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Dear Ronaldson,

Thank you for sharing your ideas, I’m exited for the further details, also ready to help, please go ahead to group creation for the usefull communications.

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Hey Ronaldson,

I’m Kalash from India.
Really glad that someone is trying to build a community around humanoid robotics. I’m fascinated by the growth and innovation in humanoids, and I’d be really happy if this group becomes a thing!

Thank you!!

I’m really excited by all that is interested in the Humanoid Robotics Working Group! Having all backgrounds is really exciting to me and I welcome more anyone else that is interested in the working group!

I have established a research organization for robotics that has a discord where people that are interested in humanoid can collaborate, contribute and talk on the daily. Our first meeting will be on March 18, at 6:00 PM EST in a zoom called and the video will be posted in the Research Organization Youtube, In the next couple of days I will have everything established for the Working Group with the ROS google environment.


My self Jishnu, a backend engineer from India. I am interested to be a part of this working group as I have great curiosity to know more about humanoid robots. Looking forward to meet you all.

I have established the communication configs, you can find the explanation in GitHub - Robotics-Sensors/BR-SRI-Humanoid-Robotics-Working-Group.

I will be adding it to the calendar soon, and the group as well as organization should be approved soon to the ROS Website.

Having a lot of interested people for humanoid Robotics is exciting to me and I can’t wait to meet all of you.

Our first meeting will be on March 18, at 6:00 PM EST.


I think that this would be most useful and welcome the opportunity to liaise with like minded individuals!!!

During our meeting on March 18, at 6:00 PM EST.
The structure on the meeting will be Introduction, Overview of Humanoid Robotics, Current State of Humanoid Robotics, Future Prospects and Trends, Challenges and Ethical Considerations, Real-World Applications, Q&A Session, Collaboration Opportunities, Conclusion and Next Steps,

Feel free to share and invite other individuals that are like minded individuals.

Three question to look foward to answering during out meeting are

  1. What specific breakthroughs in algorithm technology or artificial intelligence have significantly propelled humanoid robotics forward?
  2. How do you anticipate humanoid robotics evolving over the next 5-10 years, and what impact might this trajectory have on industries and society?
  3. What strategies are being employed to overcome technical challenges in creating more human-like robots, particularly in ensuring safety and reliability in human-robot interactions, leveraging advancements in algorithm technology and artificial intelligence?
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Hi, how can I join the meeting?

Hi, I am Micah. I’d love to be a part of the group

I would like to be part of today’s meeting, can someone send me a link ?

I’m glad people are interested in this working group; you are welcome to explore the links below to fully immerse yourself with the working group.

The meeting will be on March 18, at 6:00 PM EST, that’s today in about 2 hours from this message. Our meeting will be on zoom.

I hope everyone is able to attend and hope to see you in the meeting.

Glad for everyone who attended the meeting and I encourage anyone who did not attend the meeting to look at the organization humanoid working group at Presentation Slides & Notes

I have added Humanoid Robotics to the community calendar so you know when the meeting will be at Calendar,

During our meeting one thing that was established was that the community does not know anything about Humanoid Robotics and they were interested to learn more about it. I have decided to turn add Reading Group to the categories of the Working Group as it is a WG/RG. The people that have knowledge in that domain can contribute to the repositories in the organization. Anyone that is interested is welcome to join the group, or read the notes and slides after the meeting.

Hi everyone, I am Nurbek, a mechanical Engineering student. I would love to be part of this group and learn from professionals like you!