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Already made docker ROS gazebo and moveit

I have started teaching myself ROS and I think I have a good grasp of the basics at this point. Can somebody here please point me to some Github or docker that has some sort of fairly complex system using ROS gazebo and moveit. I’m looking for a good ready made solution to tinker with and get an idea of how these things all work together.

You can take a look at the Autoware project. It makes use of docker extensively. Although it might be a bit much to take in for a beginner, it does provide some simple drop in walkthroughs that comprise comparably impressive demos.

Careful through, I think there still working from the nvidia-docker v1 plugin, and they have an odd habit of baking the uid and gid into there docker images from the docker file. I like to set it at runtime, personally. Baidu’s Apollo, another robotics project using docker, takes a slightly different approach. However, if you find out where and why they hide their dockerfiles, let me know.

I can propose you two options for this:

  1. Follow the ROS Manipulation in 5 days online course, which provides simulation of several complex robots like Shadow Robot grasping environment, Fetch robot, UR5, plus MoveIt! plus the whole learning documents and videos to learn how to do grasping with ROS
    You can also take the ROS Industrial course, which also provides simulations of several arm robots and MoveIt! control.
  2. You use the ROS Development Studio to learn and program by your self. Complex simulations are already provided off-the-shelf as well as a proper MoveIt! installation. The main difference with the previous option is that you do not have the learning docs.

For both options, you will only need a web browser. This means that you don’t have to install anything and can use Windows, Mac or Linux machines.

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