Tutorial personalization for personal projects

Hey guys,

Okay, first of all: GitHub - azalutsky/MoveIt2Docker: Docker to run Moveit2 I wrote a docker container for Ubuntu that gives anyone the ability to run the moveit2 tutorial at their leisure. Feel free to take it and use it any way you want- might make it easier for someone to start!

Next, for my engineers starting out- I’d like to take your tutorial BUT guide it towards my robot. I think that would be so damn awesome. Please help!

I have no idea how, and obviously i can copy your code (and I might) towards my dual robot system (yaskawa motominis)- but it would be awesome if I could easily just make a couple parameters and create a tutorial towards the system I’m dealing with.

Anyways- love your product and would appreciate thoughts as Im running this project alone at the moment but plan on hiring a pretty big team in the next coming months.

I am currently using ROS2 Fox, Moveit2, and MotoROS2(beta so its a private repo but yaskawa has a great project going forward!)

I currently just have two robots being able to be guided by Rviz and am thinking a few months out.

Thank you for your support and project guys,


This looks like a really great, lightweight repo that would surely be helpful to others looking to get started with MoveIt 2 and Docker. I have also been working on making the tutorials easier to get started with and have a PR which uses github workflows to build and host docker images of completed tutorials. Please feel free to try it out and leave your feedback here: Build and host docker images of the tutorials by MikeWrock · Pull Request #533 · ros-planning/moveit2_tutorials · GitHub

There is some helpful instructions on the MoveIt documentation page under the How-to Guides section regarding docker containers. Make sure to take a look at the main branch for the latest updates to the documentation. You can also find a list of tagged docker images here, so you can use one of those as the base image for your dockerfile to speed up the build process if you like.

Thanks for sharing!