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Announcing gazebo_video_monitor_plugins package

Dear community,

I’m happy to announce gazebo_video_monitor_plugins, a package that enables you to create different types of videos of your Gazebo simulations.

I developed these plugins to ease debugging efforts by providing better context at every moment in a robot’s operation, and for creating demo videos.

You can record simple videos with a single camera mounted on a robot, or more advanced videos with a multi-camera setup, where you or your robot can be the director. In the latter case, for example, you could be selecting different views depending on what the robot currently does.

You can find a set of tutorials (WIP) at the package’s wiki page, and the source on GitHub.

The package is currently available for ROS Melodic and Noetic.

I would love to get your feedback on the plugins, as well as how you would make use of them.


Reminds me a bit of AIS-Bonn/rviz_cinematographer, although that doesn’t do multiple cameras at the same time I believe.

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I was hoping to add support for trajectories, but the relevant camera interface doesn’t work as intended, so I gave this idea up.

Awesome work. Can’t wait to make some flashy demos with this!