Announcing MOV.AI Flow™ - visual ROS IDE

We are happy to announce an open beta of MOV.AI Flow™ - a visual, ROS-based Integrated Development Environment.

The IDE speeds up and robot software development with a visual representation of ROS projects that makes it easy to understand ROS projects and allows simple and intuitive development. MOV.AI Flow™ makes it easier to import assets, reduces configuration and integration work and makes it easy to port projects across environments and share with the community.

MOV.AI Flow™ includes:

  • Visual ROS editor
  • Built-in visual state machine and node orchestration
  • Callback editor
  • Configuration Editor
  • Visual debugging
  • Out-of-the-box integration with the ROS ecosystem
  • Easy porting into a run-time environment

We believe MOV.AI Flow can simplify ROS usage and expand its adoption to more audiences. We’d love to get community questions and feedback!

– The MOV.AI team


This looks awesome at the initial stage, I wonder do we have a BOM list

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Thanks :). Can you explain what a BOM list is?

It looks really great!! :heart_eyes:

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Great work on the docs, those are top notch :wink:


Build of materials.
So what I’m looking at is developing the physical robots prototyping to understand if there is a niche market.
Really appreciate the effort that you’ve gone through to develop this vital part of warehousing automation, and like to be the person to build the robots to install this software.

Nice work! I think this will be helpful for visualization and creating test ROS environments. We are planning a warehouse automation project with ROS, and our team is familiar with other node orchestration/flow tools already. We will share feedback and questions as we explore.


Can I ask where in the world are you based?

The warehouses are in the US, and I am in Colorado.

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OK I’m based in Melbourne Australia, so that’s a little bit too far for a drive. Maybe when I make a teleport I can come over. :wink:


How are you sourcing the materials, or are your team all in-house
Are you deploying lithium batteries if so what voltage and amperage
Will this project be operating on a multilevel platform

Great. Thank you. That’s much appreciated.

Much appreciated. We are improving it.

Much appreciated. It’s great to hear from you :slight_smile: Congratulations on your recent achievement in TSC.

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This is Awesome. Great work guys :+1:

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Do you have the facilities to build the robots?

Hi. We built an autonomous research robot for warehouses. We use it to monitor air quality in the warehouse. What is your use case.

We are using them as AGV’s to move, retrieve and store pallets of products. The traffic and routing considerations are not as complex as autonomous vehicles. We are considering ROS2 as framework to use, as we expect to manage different fleets/robots in the future. Our initial constraint/requirement is that we must publish to OPC-UA servers to coordinate with other devices in the system.

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