Announcing New ROS 2 Driver for the AR4 robot arm

Hi ROS community,

I’ve been working on a ROS 2 driver for the AR4 robot arm and I’m glad to announce it’s mostly feature complete and ready to use! It uses ros2_control for robot control, and comes with MoveIt 2 and Rviz2 integrations.

For those of you who don’t know, AR4 is a low-cost robot arm that has a max payload of 1.9kg and 63cm reach, which makes it great for light-duty practical tasks.

Repo: GitHub - ycheng517/ar4_ros_driver: Core software with ROS and MoveIt for the AR3 robotic arm
AR4 robot:

I eagerly await your feedback and suggestions as I continue to refine and improve this driver.


I might be using this soon, I’ll keep you updated

I wished for the right thing this time. I feel so lucky, thank you.