Announcing Transitive Robotic's Public Beta

After testing with our private beta users for over a year, we are thrilled to finally open our beta to everyone. You can now create an account and try our robotic capabilities like webrtc video streaming and remote-teleop.

These capabilities are already being used on several dozen robots in production every day and I’m looking forward to engaging with the broader community as we continue to add more. We are always keen to hear which other problems robotics companies struggle with as they scale their fleets and what other capabilities might be useful. So please try it out and let us know what you think!

Read the full announcement here: Transitive Robotics opens beta of remote operations solution - The Robot Report


It looks interesting

But I’m just a hobbyist. I play with many bots, but, usually only one at a time

As a single person, non business entity, how much would this cost ?

I see the $100 credit, on first sign up, but, I see no pricing list

Thank you

Accounts on the platform are free and so is connecting your robots and some of our capabilities. You only pay if you want to use our premium capabilities. Those prices can be found on the Capabilities page, e.g., $15/robot/month for webrtc-video.

Thank you. That sounds reasonable

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