Autonomy Team Lead - Birds Eye Robotics (Omaha, NE)

Do you have the dream and want the freedom to create your own autonomy team? Do you want to help feed the world? Are you passionate about automation? Have you ever wanted to disrupt an entire industry? Are you comfortable with creating structure from ambiguity?

If you are like us, then the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

You will be responsible for the Autonomy team. You will own the technical direction as well as grow the team. You will be responsible for the systems and processes to help your engineers be the best. Your team will be instrumental in helping our company take the lessons learned from our pre-production pilots to market as a production robotic system.

What is Birds Eye Robotics?

Birds Eye Robotics is an Ag Tech startup putting autonomous mobile robots in commercial broiler chicken barns. At the core of what we do is the belief that a healthier chicken means easier work and more profit for the farmer as well as cheaper and better tasting chicken for the end consumer.

  • Mission - We make growing chickens easier
  • Vision - Our technology helps growers make better decisions quicker

How would I help?

Lead the autonomy team to deploy autonomous functionality and reduce remote assists. As a small team each role is large and everyone will wear many different hats. As we grow you will help find and recruit people to hand those hats off to.

Areas of responsibility for you and your team will include

  • Software to autonomously navigate the barn environment
  • Perception including machine learning based computer vision.
  • Quality Assurance including Automated testing and Simulation.
  • Ensuring the right software and configurations are on the robots as we scale. This includes DevOps for our internally developed software as well as system administration for the mobile host machines on the robots.
  • Scrum master / Project management. Align our sprints with our quarterly product objectives.
  • Collaborate with hardware focused team to achieve company wide goals.
  • Support and grow the team members

How you go about the work is as important as what you are doing. You will take point on and ownership of your responsibilities. Provide direction and solutions based on your experience to help troubleshoot and enhance the existing solutions. Identify, design, and collaborate on new approaches, enhancements, or features that provide value to clients and the chickens they care for. Be able to say that good is good enough and when good enough needs to be best as it relates to software in a large-scale production environment. Documentation of learnings, designs and development. Teaching Team members. Deliverable driven mindset. Desire for continued improvement.

Required experience

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver autonomous robotic solutions
  • Python or C/C++
  • Full life-cycle application development
  • Drive, passion, willingness to learn, limited fear of the unknown
  • Collaborate with in-house team and vendors to develop the ideal solution
  • Experience in at least one of Navigation, Perception, or DevOps.

Desired expertise

  • Computer Vision & Machine Learning
  • DevOps
  • CI/CD / Jenkins, Github Actions or similar tooling
  • Automated testing
  • code version control system - Git or similar
  • Kubernetes, Ansible, puppet, chef, or similar tooling
  • Containerization, Docker, Docker hub, vscode devcontainers
  • Static analysis tools
  • Remote Monitoring & Logging
  • Bash shell scripting
  • Networking
  • Linux OS (Ubuntu) system administration
  • Debian packages
  • Nav2
  • Project management / Scrum
  • ROS 2 or other robotic libraries
  • Agriculture experience
  • Cloud & Data movement, Data Pipelines


  • Small company where you will make a significant contribution to achieving success
  • Competitive salary and equity compensation
  • Health Insurance Stipend
  • A flexible work environment and unlimited vacation.
  • Disrupting an industry through positive change and advancement
  • Startup environment
  • Opportunity to own tasks from idea to implementation.

$130-$170k is our target for this role. We are an early stage startup with venture funding. We have the flexibility to make sure we compensate the right individual in the right role. If a potential candidate brings value beyond the planned role then we can adjust pay to meet that value.

Culture Survey
We value people and how they work together. As part of our process please take this short culture survey: Culture Index

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