ROS Resources: Documentation | Support | Discussion Forum | Service Status | Q&A 1.14.0 Released! 1.14.0 is now available for general use, including Docker containers and aarch64 builds! 1.14.0 saw 113 merge requests and 22 issues included.

To install it from source, follow the building from source instructions or to run in a Docker container, see the Docker instructions .

Docker images are available at Dockerhub:

amd64 Containers
arm64 cross-compile Containers
arm64 native Containers

With either the from-source or Docker version of, you can try it out using some recorded data by following this guide .

The major issues addressed/features added in 1.14.0 were:

  • Integration with the CARLA simulator via new package, carla_autoware_bridge.
  • Significant amounts of code clean-up and formatting standardization.
  • Bug fixes to native aarch64 builds.
  • aarch64-native builds now run in CI and automatically generated on release.
  • Increased performance in the visualization of large, Lanelet2-based vector maps.
  • Easier use of the vector map loader with “directory mode” file loading.

As always, the current reported issues can be viewed on the issue tracker and the current
proposed bug fixes and new features can be viewed on the merge request tracker .

And a big thanks to all the contributors, reviewers, and maintainers - with a special shout-out to AutoCore for completing our in-vehicle pre-release testing!

NOTE: v1.14.0 will be the last release to allow API-breaking changes as described in this ROS Discourse post. New features with non-API-breaking changes will be accepted until the release of v1.15.0 sometime before the end of 2020, at which time will enter “maintenance mode” for two additional years, accepting only bug fixes. If you want to see the next phase of development by The Autoware Foundation, check out Autoware.Auto!