Autoware AI lidar localizer launch failed


I recently installed autoware AI with source installation on my robot machine and I was trying to run rosbag demo. I installed the non cuda version. Everything works fine until I launch “ndt_matching” node of the lidar localizer package, which give me the following error:

Not only ndt_matching has this issue but any launch file within the lidar localizer package. I’m not sure if it is the problem with the package, the system environment or the hardware. I searched through a lot of resources but I still couldn’t find any useful solution. Please any help would be much appreciated :pray:t2:.

Jetson TX2
Ubuntu 18.04
ROS Melodic
Autoware v1.14

Could you please post your questions at the Autoware Q&A section: autowarefoundation Q A · Discussions · GitHub and one of the developers will get back to you.