Bachelors / Masters Thesis: Fusion between global UWB localization and vehicle based self-localization


  • Mobile Robotics
  • Indoor Localization
  • Monte Carlo Localization
  • Sensor Fusion

The Ultra-wide-band (UWB) Technology allows the absolute localization in complex industrial environments. This allows the localization and tracking of persons, vehicles or arbitrary assets.
In this work, use cases for combining the UWB technology with the self-localization of an autonomous vehicle are investigated. For this, the different aspects of both localization methods are formulated and the performance of a fused localization approach is analysed.
In addition, various use-cases are elaborated and checked for feasibility.
As a result of the work selected use-cases are demonstrated in both simulation and on the shop floor, the implementation is done in Python or C++ using the ROS-Framework.

Your Task

  • Research external localization (uwb)
  • Research mobile robot localization
  • Analyse relevant use cases
  • Implement simulation using Gazebo
  • Implement ROS-support for UWB
  • Implement demonstrator for fusion
  • Documentation / discussion of results
  • Ideally publication of the results


  • Experience in ROS
  • Basic knowledge in linear algebra
  • Fluent in Python or C++
  • (ideally) Knowledge of Bayesian statistics
  • (ideally) Experience with machine learning
  • Ability to work independently

About us
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You will conduct your thesis in our Advanced Development Department in Ostfildern.

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Great topic, I wrote master thesis about fusing uwb localization. You may find it interesting Interiérový lokalizační systém pro autonomní prostředky s využitím technologie Ultra-Wideband

It is written in English, but since I studied on Czech Technical University in Prague, there has to be the abstract in Czech as well :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for sharing it!

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