BT-Studio 0.2 available (with video)

Hi folks,

we have just published today the 0.2 release of our BT Studio. This release introduces a web-based visual IDE that enhances the development of ROS 2 applications with Behavior Trees.

BT Studio has multi-project support for improved efficiency and an integrated graphical tree editor to ease the design of complex tree structures. Additionally, once apps are defined, they can be downloaded as ROS 2 packages, with dependencies handled for seamless installation and use. ros2 #BehaviorTrees python

In addition, some clarifications regarding the last Deliberation Working group meeting (23-10-02) @ct2034 @fmrico :

  1. JdeRobot is a non profit association for developing open source software in robotics and AI. We started informally in 2003 and finally registered formally in 2018. JdeRobot is not a “false spin off from URJC”, despite it was born at that university. We have contributors from several Spanish universities (URJC, UPM, UCM, UJI…) and from several countries. Since 2015 we have participated 8 times at Google Summer of Code developing open source robotics software projects.

  2. We do not “hate ROS”. We developed an ICE based robotics middleware until 2018, then we changed our approach, deprecated such software code base and widely adopted ROS. Since then all our software is ROS friendly. Developing an alternative middleware does not mean to hate other available ones :-).

  3. We are currently working on integrating BehaviorTrees in our robot programming website, named Unibotics, and continuously improving it, both in reliability and in new functionalities. Unibotics is fully ROS based, and available online for the robotics community for free. Our BT functionality currently includes a translator to Python files and a visual editor. It will soon (0.3 release) include the dockerized execution of BT robotics applications.

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