Unibotics webIDE: learn robotics and program robots from your browser

The paper “Unibotics: open ROS-based online framework for practical learning of Robotics in higher education” has been finally published. It is available at Multimedia Tools and Applications journal (Springer).

It describes the web platform for robot programming from JdeRobot organization, some internals and some illustrative available exercises on mobile robotics. Since the writing of this paper we have improved the platform migrating to REACT in the web frontend and ROS2 Humble in the robotics backend.

Unibotics is an online robotics webIDE which also provides the mature robot programming exercises from the offline RoboticsAcademy. Currently there are 15 exercises/challenges available on robot navigation, autonomous driving, drones and service robots, all oriented to engineering education. The exercise collection at RoboticsAcademy is full open source, continuously improving and growing with new exercises. The underlying developer working group is worldwide, we have received support from Google Summer of Code and we are open to new contributors.

Currently Unibotics is being used at three different European universities for practical robotics training and under evaluation in three more. New users are welcome!.

For instance, in this exercise the student has to program a drone to find people after a plane crash in the sea: