Can i learn ROS2 with limited hardware?

Hello :wave:. I’m a collage student and in my school lab have a pi3 model B with some motors, sensors. Is that enough for me to become good at ROS2?

And i’m the only one in my place interested in this, is it ok to self-learning ROS2? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey there,
You absolutely can get started with ROS2 with limited or even without hardware. Once you learn the ROS2 basics, you can get started with simulations using gazebo and simulated robots like turtlebot 3 and turtlebot 4. You can do all this with just a computer.
Keep in mind that you do need to have decent programming skills in c++ and python. Atleast one of these two to get started.
Then I would recommend the tutorials on the ros2 documentation page.
First learn about the concepts : Concepts — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation
Then do the tutorials : Tutorials — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation
then you can start looking into simulation tools like gazebo to start working with robots.
Good luck!