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Can we get a Noetic sync please?

Hi all, it’s been more than a month since the last sync. Is it possible to have a Noetic sync soon please?


There are a bunch of regressions involving MoveIt in Noetic that should be fixed once a new release of fcl is made: . I’m planning on freezing rosdistro for Noetic sync shortly after that release is made.


Currently there are no regressions - is anything blocking the sync?

I checked the same page when I requested the sync, but apparently the regressions blocking the sync are the ones on arm architectures.

It seems the bugs have been corrected, the buildfarm is working hard rebuilding all these packages on arm.

Just waiting on the buildfarm to finish a few things now.

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What’s happening with the fcl package? It seemed from Robert’s response that there was some issue with the latest not being included in the package for it? I’m just trying to figure out what needs to be done next to resolve the issue with the moveit packages as I’m trying to prepare yet another release for moveit.

Freeze for sync Preparing for Noetic sync 2020-11-30

It looks like the fcl build is still failing on arm, even with the new patch checking if the host supports SSE. The console output says it has the latest version (0.6.1-2focal.20201126.000025), so that patch wasn’t enough. It seems like cmake thinks the hosts supports SSE and SSE2, but the compiler does not. I think resolving the issue means another patch to fcl :frowning: followed by another release of fcl into Noetic, followed by a MoveIt release to use fcl again.

For a patch to fcl I would guess using check_cxx_compiler_flag() with the flags in SSE_FLAGS to set the default value of the option FCL_USE_x64_SSE could resolve the issue.

Thank you for the reply… I’m going to copy/paste this into an issue on the fcl repo.

The sync is out

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