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Claiming maintainership for geographic info in ROS2

Per the instructions, I’ve tried to reach out to maintainers over the repo without response in trying to maintain / update for ROS2. I’d like to take over maintainership or be added to the organization so I can keep it moving forward for ROS2. This is now blocking important packages like robot_localization which more or less blocks all of navigation on hardware in ROS2.


For reference can you point to your attempted communications with the maintainers. It’s also valuable to mention them in these communications if they have an account. I don’t think Jack has an account but @bmagyar does.

Jack O’Quin’s user handel is @joq , last posted about mar 2018.

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Communication has been here

Thanks for the tagging!

Hey guys,
Thanks for the ping. Unfortunately I can’t dedicate time to ROS2 geographic info… :confused:
I’d also prefer to be made an owner, unfortunately I’m only a member so I can’t add new people to the org.

I’ve sent an email to Jack though :slight_smile:


thanks for the email to Jack!

@smac I’ve now invited you as a member to the ros-geographic-info organization. Let me know if that works for you.

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@clalancette thanks! Adding to the org didn’t give me write access to the repos. Can you add me to at least geographic_info and its release repository so I can get ROS2 binaries out?

That’s annoying, I thought it would. Anyway, I just added you to the “Developers” team under ros-geographic-info, and I think that should give you write access to all of the repositories. Again, please let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll click more buttons :slight_smile:.

Ah, it is now. Thanks for the assistance.

May I also suggest an icon for the organization? I was bored over lunch and it doesn’t have one.



An updated logo would be fun, but I might suggest that one might have a bit of a trademark collision, and would likely not make sense to a worldwide audience :thinking:

When one’s picked it would be great to add it over here too:

yea… Perhaps replacing the center circle with a globe or cartoon of blue marble would work.

What’s life without a little trademark infringement?

@tfoote how about this? I made sure the base image was commercial/free/attributeless.

Edit: @ruffsl just beat me with your comment by seconds



@clalancette do you mind updating the image on the org? Its been accepted into ros-infra/artwork.

I also don’t have permissions for that :wink:

I’ve set it as the “avatar” picture for the ros-geographic-info organization. Let me know if I need to do anything else.