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Cozmo with ROS2 without SDK

Hi there,

for all of you using Cozmo from Anki

I implemented a simple wrapper for using it with ROS2 without depending on the Cozmo SDK. Please, check it out and let me know what you think:

At the moment, it allows to move the robot (wheels, head and lift) using a modified version of the teleop_twist_keyboard and publishes the images from the camera to a topic.

Feel free to contribute to the repo.


That’s super cool, and the price point is pretty good for the features (~$115US on Amazon). Looks like there is quite a bit more possible. Pycosmo supports:


  • Camera
  • Cliff sensor
  • Accelerometers
  • Gyro
  • Battery voltage
  • Cube battery voltage
  • Cube accelerometers


  • Wheel motors
  • Head motor
  • Lift motor
  • Backpack LEDs
  • IR LED
  • OLED display
  • Speaker - work progress
  • Cube LEDs
  • Platform LEDs

That seems like is going to be a lot of work but probably worth the effort. Have you tried connecting to the cubes with PyCozmo?


Good news! So far Cozmo publishes:

  • Odometry
  • Image
  • Imu (orientation, gyro and accel)

Now that it is working, the rest is quite straightforward (and boring :sweat_smile:) so some help with the implementation would be much appreciated.

Not yet but I will try. In theory the pycozmo wrapper I am using for it supports it. I just have to convert the data to ROS2 msgs.

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