New teleop twist package for ROS2 with the python pynput module

I wrote a new teleop_twist package using the python pynput module
so I can use arrow keys to control a robot dexterously with a seemingly
game-like feeling whilst maintaining similar functionality as the 
ros2 teleop_twist_keyboard package.

Here’s the link to the my new teleop twist package:

ROS2 developers, please do try it out (as it works on any robot both 
simulatedor real robot as long as it can be used with the default ros2
teleop_twist package) as I’m also looking at the possibility of releasing it.
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This sounds nice. We wrote our own custom keyboard-to-twist publisher in the past that would be good to replace with something standard.

I also wrote my own on the side because I wasn’t very satisfied with the “standard” one

My old and current company also have their own custom one. It would be quite useful for the community to have a released and maintained version of this essential package. Maybe we could combine efforts?

The standard one (in GitHub - ros2/teleop_twist_keyboard: Generic Keyboard Teleop for ROS) is still supported, so if you’d like to submit some of your ideas there, we’d be happy to review them and see how they can fit in.

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