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Looking to pay someone to help out with ROS and rviz immediately!

Hi guys,

We are preparing an exhibition and our expert on ROS and rviz has become sick.

We immediately need someone who could help us in making our demonstrator with a FANUC LR Mate work.

Will pay on an hourly basis.

Would communicate on Teamviewer and ask technical questions about details on ROS, rviz etc.

We are located in Recklinghausen, Germany.

Please send me a msg with your email address or cell phone number and I will get back with you asap.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards.


No money needed (yet), but it would probably help if you could add some details as to what it is that you’re actually looking to get help with.

Interfacing with and setup of your robot, RViz configuration, visualisation of data, other simple things or your actual application (ie: business logic and internals)?

Yes same here, I would be glad to help.
Please let us know the problem.


You have a new message with my contact. I have deep experience with ROS but none with the FANUC LR. However, maybe I can help.
Just contact me and we can check if I can help.

Best regards,



the biggest problem with the FANUC robot we could solve by our self.

Now we’ve a Problem with our RaspberryPi’s:

On the Pi’s we’ve a tiny ROS Service that don’t want to run correctly.
I see the Service with “rosservice list” on the ROS Master computer. But every time we call the service we received an Error.

Does anyone have time to have a look over TeamViewer?

This is too vague, and sounds more like a ROS Answers question.

Not to steal anyone’s opportunity to earn some cash, but this could be a classic ROS-on-multiple-network-hosts problem.

Make sure to either:

  1. have a working DNS entry for all involved hosts, or
  2. set ROS_IP on all involved hosts

Ok, thanks.

We solved the Problem.

Thank you!

could you please share us how to resolve the Pi’s question ?